France Embassy

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The French Embassy in Cambodia is located in the heart of a 4.8 hectare park which makes it the largest green space in the city of Phnom Penh. The embassy provide numbers of services such as diplomatic chancellery, press and communication, cooperation and  cultural action, consular, common management, economic and defense cooperation. Ms. Eva Nguyen Binh was been ambassador of France to Cambodia from 2007 to Present. The present of The France Embassy is to strengthen diplomatic relations between France-Cambodia. These included French community, infrastructure, tourism, gastronomy, health, culture and heritage, education and training.

Under its international cooperation, the Embassy of France in Cambodia has been providing support to ARCAHE project through IPC grants, within the framework of its erstwhile funds for ONE HEALTH approach. The French Embassy recognizes the role and importance of AMR control and monitoring in low-medium countries as well as Cambodia. This has translated into meaningful financial assistance to ARCAHE project over the years to support their actives and studies. ARCAHE would like to express their sincerely thank to Embassy of France in Cambodia for providing them this opportunity in the seek of Cambodia clinical development for antibiotic resistance study.