Patient’s Environment Work Package (WP2)

Patient’s environment work package (WP2)

Leaders: Dr. Véronique Chevalier, CIRAD-IPC and Dr. Gauthier Delvallez, IPC, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


It is now recognized that the “One Health” approach has become essential to better know the epidemiology of infectious diseases in general and antibiotic resistance in particular. This approach makes it possible to identify the environmental and animal factors involved in the emergence and dissemination of the ABR and allow the development of more efficient and cost effective control strategies. In Cambodia, still little is known regarding the link between domestic or wild animals or environment and the ABR in humans since no study has yet developed a One Health approach in this country.

WP2 objectives

Overarching objective: To collect the bacteria in the environment of patients living in rural areas and their farm animals and to characterize their resistance.

Specific objective: To compare the resistant bacteria isolated from the patients of the Battambang hospital and the resistant bacteria isolated from their environment (animals, food, soil, water) and to try to establish a link between ABR resistance in patients and ABR presence on their environment. If we find a link, we will explore if certain factors can explain this link.