Battambang Provical Refferal Hospital

Battambang Provincial Referral Hospital (PETH THOM) is a third-level complimentary package of activities (CPA3) hospital that containing 270 patients beds located in Battambang province. The hospital play a very important role in supplying medical support for the whole northwest region of the country. The hospital offers varied services such as general medicine (OPD), dental care, ANC-PNC, birth spacing, HIV care, mental health care, emergencies care, pediatric, maternity, ENT, interventional and surgical neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology, cancer surgery, maternity and neonate intensive care, pulmonary diseases, diabetes- endocrinology, rehabilitation and laboratory services.


Microbiology laboratory was started in June 2011 offering various laboratory cultures such as white blood culture, pus culture, urine culture, stool culture, sputum culture, throat swab, body fluid culture, etc. Currently the microbiology laboratory team also supporting the Covid-19 test covering the whole northwest region of the country.